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Shipping Q&A  

FedEx is our preferred courier and we ship both FedEx Standard Overnight®  and FedEx 2Day® . We do everything possible to ensure the meats arrive to our customers in the best possible condition.  We use expedited shipping with state of the art packaging and dry ice or gel packs.  During the winter months weather delays are a distinct possibility and here are some facts to the most asked questions.

Q. What if the order arrives and no dry ice is visible is it safe to eat the meat? 

A. Yes it is safe to eat the meat as long as it is cool to the touch, according to USDA standards.

Q. Can meat that arrived thawed but cool to the touch be refrozen? 

A. Yes as long as the meat is still cool. 

Q. Do I store the meat in the box when it arrives? 

A. No, you should remove the meats and place them in the freezer or refrigerator.

Q. How long can I store the meats once they arrive? 

A. You can store meats in the refrigerator up to 4-5 days after they arrive and frozen meats up to one year.

Remember if your order is delayed during the Holiday Season because of weather we will work as a team with FedEx, you and our Transportation team at Exotic Meats USA to do our best to get it to you.  When this happens call us at 800-680-4375

Shipping Information
Here at Exotic Meats we take every effort to insure that your purchase is delivered on time and in perfect condition. Each step of the ordering process has been streamlined to get you your product on time and in optimal condition. Here is the process your order goes through before you sit down to a scrumptious Exotic dinner.
Note: All product sold through and is guaranteed to be frozen or chilled at time of delivery.
Earliest Delivery Day
The earliest possible delivery date is FedEx Priority Overnight® by Friday if ordered by noon Thursday. All orders made after Thursday noon will not be shipped until Monday. 
Order Process

Your shipment is packed with dry ice inserted into a space-age thermal liner to ensure the product will remain frozen or chilled upon delivery. Recipes or any other special cooking instructions are always included to make your exotic meal a real adventure.


Toll Free 1 (800) 444-5687 x136

Saturday Delivery (Phone Orders Only)
Yes We Can! However the cost can be prohibitive. Saturday Delivery requires Selection of FedEx Priority Overnight® and an additional $20 Saturday Delivery fee. Create an account and add your order to our shopping carts, save your cart and phone in your order number. We will handled it from there and get/give any special instruction for Saturday delivery.