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Durham Ranch is a family owned business dedicated to becoming a model of the successful ranch operation that will be the hope of all family owned ranches where relationships caring, quality of life and profit are all blended into a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Owned and operated since the mid 1960’S by the Flocchini Family the 55,000 acres which comprises the  Durham Ranch near Gillette Wyoming is rated one of the best ranches in the United States for its quality and standards of raising Buffalo.  As an historical note the original bison at the Durham Ranch came directly from Yellowstone National Park which makes this heard exceptionally unique. Durham Ranch presently has about 2,500 purebred American Bison. This is in addition to 1,100 breeder cows.  The Durham cows average 1,050 pounds and produce an   annual calf output of up to 95 percent.   The Bulls weigh from 1,800 to more than 2,000 pounds at 5 to 6 years of age.  The excess animals not needed to maintain the breeding herd is used for meat.  Durham Ranch buffalo meat is sold to restaurants and supermarkets throughout the US as well as a number of foreign countries.  Recently the Durham brand Bison joined the ranks on the Internet and now consumers can enjoy this wonderful tasting and healthy meat available to customers in all 50 States.                                      
The Flocchini family is very much committed to the health of the resources they manage.  They follow a goal oriented approach to managing their land and the people involved with it and are in a “Holistic Management’ approach.  This includes the testing of all decisions based on goals which include the health of the environment and the quality of life we each desire and strive for.  
To deal with the health of the land we practice Time Controlled planned Grazing and Monitoring.  We carefully check our progress and if necessary we make adjustments accordingly.  Here are important Operational aspects of the Durham Ranch.  The Bison are handled as little as possible.  There are no hormones or artificial growth stimulants in the feeding of the Bison.  The Holistic Management model used at the Durham Ranch enables us to grow healthy animals and produce high quality meat while improving the quality of the land where the buffalo graze.  The Flocchini family is dedicated to returning the land to its past splendor.  Where grasslands have unlimited potential, the environment is stable and balanced, wildlife is visible and healthy, as creeks and springs flow freely. 
 This is the commitment to a style of management that the Durham Ranch is convinced can and will be a reality for many generations to come.